Oct. 9th, 2017

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As usual, I am going to liberally copy and paste much from past letters. :D

Things I love, in general: Aliens made us do it, amazing hair, angst, animal sidekicks/pets, antisocial geniuses, bi- or pansexuality, bittersweet endings, blood, boys in eyeliner, chaotic neutral or similar characters, chocolate, comedy, cooking, dark themes, death, dragons, drag queens, dress uniforms/suiting up, double agents, dub-con, established pairs bringing in a mutual third, evil cliffhanger endings, femslash, fluff, geekboys, geekery, geekgirls, gen, glasses (and/or glasses!kink), goddesses/gods, goth or punk AUs, happy endings, het, hijinks, hurt/comfort, illness, insanity, kitties, meta, OT3s, ploty things, random little life/death snippets, shenanigans, shiny things, slash, snark, sneaking, sparkly things, spies, spunky chicks, squee, tomboys, tough-on-the-outside bishies, tricks and tricksters, unhappy endings, whump… and more, I'm sure.

Things I dislike, in general: character bashing, glorified gay bashing (where the basher doesn't get comeuppance later), cheating on partners, dental practice AUs, non-con, pwp, graphic sex scenes, scatology, watersports.

Other things, in general: You may treat my character requests as "OR" requests, not "And" requests. That is, if I request A, B and C, and you have a great idea for just B, go for it!

Oh, and because I know some people are tetchy about it: if you would like to attempt a Misses Claus fill or a Chromatic fill with one of my prompts, that's cool. :D

The above may or may not apply to any of my current requests, which I'll detail now.



Request Fandom 1: Dragonriders of Pern – Anne McCaffrey
Menolly, Robinton, Piemur

Request: Harpers! I'd love something set right after Menolly's second book, when she's in the hall and finding her place with Master Robinton and Piemur the scoundrel! I just don't even think I can express how much I love Harpers, and this period of Pern History, and the Harper Hall, and oh, Sebell and Domick and Silvina and anyone else are welcome to come to the party too!

More Details: Pretty much I always ask for Harpers, because the world just needs more Harper-fic. In addition to the time period mentioned above, Menolly or Peimur before coming to the Hall, anything in Robinton's history, or anything with any of them in the AIVIS era. Any combo of mentioned characters (plus Jaxom, and Sharra) or gen, please.


Request Fandom 2: Provost's Dog - Tamora Pierce
Beka Cooper, Pounce

Request: For Beka and Pounce, I’d love something set around the first book or between the first two books. Just a slice of life or a night on the job or perhaps when Pounce first decides to go to Beka. Tunstall, Goodwin, and the others are welcome too!

More Details: I love Beka, and her attitude towards life. Her relationship with people, but also with animals like Pounce, Achoo, Slapper, etc, is great to explore. I just love the world of the Provost's Dogs, and the "underworld" of the city. Gen, or Beka/Tunstall/Goodwin please. Crueltide ok. (See deets)


Request Fandom 3: Tricksters - Tamora Pierce
Alianne Cooper, Dovasary Balitang

Request: I would love anything set during or after the books. Any scenes from within the rebellion, Dove and Aly talking late at night, Dove being queen, Aly being spymaster, Kyprioth interfering in either of those two jobs, Kyprioth making another wager with/assignment for Aly… or whatever you can think of.

More Details: I love Aly's love of life and the pleasure she gets from doing spy things. Her depth of knowledge and sneaky ways are very impressive. Her way of living with one finger stuck in everyone else's business while seeming to be nowhere near them is great as well. In Choice, the way she moves between the family, the conspirators, and her day job with the goats and crows and Kyprioth is fascinating. In Queen, the way she knows what everyone is doing, including her fellows, by way of the darkings is fabulous. The way she moves in the shadows for so long and then all of a sudden there is a huge result (a la Topabaw) is fascinating. And her personality in general I just adore.

I love how calculating Dove is; she thinks before she speaks and she always wants to learn more about everything. The loyalty/friendship/potentially love between her and Aly is fabulous to watch as it develops. I also love the differences between her and Sarai, and how the Raka have to get used to her. As a bookworm myself, her quieter personality, and the way various people interpret it, really hit home with me. Gen is fine, Aly/Nawat, Aly/Kyprioth, Aly/Dove, or any combo thereof, are also great!

Request Fandom 4: Dogma
Bartleby, Loki

Request: I really just want Bartleby and Loki, being themselves, in their quasi couple-y way, going through history on earth. When did Loki want to kill people? When did Bartleby go off on one of his lecture tangents? What was their perspective on certain historical events?

More Details: I love this duo, and how they have so much in common and yet some very big differences. Their arcs through the movie are compelling. Loki seems to have nothing but a "hard on for killing" and yet at the end is the one who wants to stop killing. Bartleby is theoretically the logical one, but by the end is just determined to blaze forward. Anything looking at that would be great. But also, these two have been living together on Earth for centuries, right? What shenanigans have they been getting up to? Like, they were supposedly banished to Wisconsin, but we see them travel in the movie, so it seems that they can make short jaunts, yeah? So pick a time, a place, a historic event, and plonk one or both of our duo there. :) Gen or Bartleby/Loki, please. :) Crueltide ok. (See deets)


Request Fandom 5: Hidden Figures

Request: I really just want more from this amazing movie! Any moment we missed between the scenes. Or the girls kicking butt later at NASA. Something with John Glen coming back after his flight and checking in with Katherine. Just anything!

More Details: So, let me preface by saying that I know very little about the actual science/math involved, but as with many of my fandoms, I love technobabble. :) So feel free to include mathy-sciency things, but don't feel you need to get them perfect for me. :D Okay, now that that is out of the way. Hidden Figures! I love this movie! I was just blown away by it. I really would just love more in the world of this movie. Gen, please.


Additionally, browsing me on AO3 will lead you to my writings, including stuff in Pern, Tortall, and Dogma, if you think that would be helpful or fun. :D

I think that's everything! Thanks so much!!!


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