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Thank you so much, mystery author! I'm sorry that this letter was a little later than I promised, but here it is!

Things I love, in general: Aliens made us do it, amazing hair, angst, animal sidekicks/pets, antisocial geniuses, bi- or pansexuality, blood, boys in eyeliner, chaotic neutral or similar characters, chocolate, comedy, cooking, dark themes, death, dragons, dress uniforms/suiting up, double agents, dub-con, evil cliffhanger endings, femslash, fluff, geekboys, geekery, geekgirls, gen, glasses (and/or glasses!kink), goddesses/gods, goth or punk AUs, happy endings, het, hijinks, hurt/comfort, illness, insanity, kitties, meta, OT3s, ploty things, random little life/death snippets, shenanigans, shiny things, slash, snark, sneaking, sparkly things, spies, spunky chicks, squee, tomboys, tough-on-the-outside bishies, tricks and tricksters, unhappy endings, whump… and more, I'm sure.

Things I dislike, in general: character bashing, cheating on partners, non-con, pwp, scatology, watersports.

In general, I'm not huge on PWPs. I like plot, developing relationships, fade to blacks, pre-relationships, old marrieds, and all kinds of other things. I like sex scenes too, but please don't feel like you have to include one, or make it all about that.

The above may or may not apply to any of my current requests, which I'll detail now.


Request: Okay, brief ideas:

Blake and Yang – total opposites, and yet both totally competent and awesome and a great team. More on that!

Blake and Ruby – Bookworms unite!

Ren and Nora – how adorable are they?! And again with the opposites attracting! More of them please!

Ozpin and Qrow – okay, so I know we've never even met Qrow. But. I ship them. So hard. For reasons I'll detail for you in my letter. Any kind of backstory there would be awesome.

More Details: More about Blake/Yang: How does Blake deal with her excitable partner? How does she really feel about their team? (She jumps on the bunk bed bandwagon pretty quickly…) She's so standoffish at the beginning, but in the forest, she and Yang work really well together, and unlike Weiss, Blake simply works alongside the sisters in the battle without questioning their skill. Also, the revelation of her ears! Adorable! How does that play out with Yang?

Blake/Ruby: I completely ship them for two reasons: Ruby's excitement at the idea that Blake has books she might be able to look at, and Blake's quiet acceptance of Ruby as their leader, despite her age and flaws. So yeah, give me more of that. Maybe Yang and Weiss are off training or something and Blake and Ruby get to know each other? Maybe they start talking books and Blake is surprised by Ruby's knowledge? Maybe Ruby can't get over the adorableness of Blake's ears and keeps wanting to pet them, and Blake realizes she doesn't mind? I don't know, but I want it all!

Ren/Nora: So yes, I love how these two interact. Also interesting is that, as far as we know, they are the only team that knew each other before. So… backstory! How did they meet? What was their old school like? How do their battle styles work together? I know a lot of people are perturbed by the whole "Nora was there but didn't help with the snakes thing" and you could explore that too, if you wanted. Not gonna lie, I'd love H/C here.

Ozpin/Qrow: There's that whole opening moment where Ozpin mentions him, and there's that reminiscent/fond expression/tone of voice. And then there's the message Qrow sends Ozpin, so clearly they're still in contact. And there's the fact that Qrow, R-someone, Ozpin and W-someone could have been on a team called QROW, much like Ruby's team being RWBY, and it would be awesome. So yeah… I ship it. And I would love some kind of backstory or something. How did they meet? Were they still in contact before Ozpin met Ruby, or did that reconnect them? Backstory of any kind would be awesome!


Tortall – Tamora Pierce
Request: Okay, my usual requests: Aly and Nawat being all adorable together? Fantastic! Nawat courting Aly or taking care of their nestlings with her? Sweet! Aly and Dove being all awesome as Queen and servant/confidant and/or shippy together? Love! Kyprioth sending either pair off on another task/adventure? Wonderful!

Also! Kel and Dom! After Kel's books, something of the two of them courting (does he court her? Cause I feel like he totally would in a cute, teasing way). Old marrieds living their life as the next generation does their thing? Heat of battle? Domestic?

More Details: I love the Trickster series best of all the Tortall Books. Anything based around these characters, either before, during, or after the books would be great! I also love the entire Tortall world for the amazingly strong, well detailed, and so very different from each other female characters!

I love Aly's love of life and the pleasure she gets from doing spy things. Her depth of knowledge and sneaky ways are very impressive. Her way of living with one finger stuck in everyone else's business while seeming to be nowhere near them is great as well. In Choice, the way she moves between the family, the conspirators, and her day job with the goats and crows and Kyprioth is fascinating. In Queen, the way she knows what everyone is doing, including her fellows, by way of the darkings is fabulous. The way she moves in the shadows for so long and then all of a sudden there is a huge result (a la Topabaw) is fascinating. And her personality in general I just adore.

I love how calculating Dove is; she thinks before she speaks and she always wants to learn more about everything. The loyalty/friendship/potentially love between her and Aly is fabulous to watch as it develops. I also love the differences between her and Sarai, and how the Raka have to get used to her. As a bookworm myself, her quieter personality, and the way various people interpret it, really hit home with me.

I love the learning curve for Nawat becoming human, and any hijinks along that road would be fun! I love his love of the fun side of life, and his interesting views of human things.

I would love anything set during or after the books. Any scenes from within the rebellion, Dove and Aly talking late at night, Aly and Nawat raising their family, Dove being queen, Aly being spymaster, Kyprioth interfering in either of those two jobs, Kyprioth making another wager with/assignment for Aly… or whatever you can think of.

Kel's books are my second favorites, and I just love her. I love Kel's quiet determination, and competence, and the way that she just keeps kicking butt and taking names, despite the odds all being against her. Her outsider perspective on life in Tortall brings a great dimension to the world, and the way she blends her Yamani knowledge with her knightly training is so interesting. I also love her relationship with Raoul and the King's Own. Their acceptance of her, and her easy command of them is wonderful. And Haven!

Unlike her other pairings, Kel and Dom is one that Pierce leaves kind of open ended, not having them be a recognized couple at the end of Kel's books, and not establishing them anywhere in Aly's books. Well, I would like that fixed please. I'd love something set after the books (either a little after or a lot after or somewhere in between: I'm good). Kel and Dom are a great couple, in part because, though he is a good soldier, Dom is also able to see the humorous, lighter side of a soldier's duty, and that is something that Kel often needs. Hence why I imagine him courting Kel in a roundabout, funny way, to make her see the lighter side of things. Or does Kel take charge, and go for something (someone) she wants?

What about a moment as comrades in arms? Or h/c after a battle? Lord knows Kel gets wounded enough, and her boys are all totally the hovering mother hen sorts. What about seeing them as old marrieds, with Kel still in command of Haven, or having moved on to bigger, better things? Do they have kids, or are they just great Auntie/Uncle and spoil Neal's kids rotten? What's a day in their life? Or what's a special occasion they get to experience one day? I want it all!


Harry Potter – J. K. Rowling
Request: Harry/Charlie! I love them in domestic and fluffy things. I love them in dark things (either/both dark like torture/death/etc and dark like going to the dark side). Love them with dragons.

Sirius/Bella. One of my few het ships in this fandom. I'd love some young, impetuous, dark-tinted love, or some Azkaban crazy longing, or whatevs. I love light, grey, and dark Siri, and grey and dark Bella.

More Details: Er, yes. So I love Harry/Charlie. What if Harry is sent to the dragon preserve (maybe the first real meeting longer than the few short snips we see in canon)? Or Dark!Harry inspecting his dragon warriors, or fluffy domestic fic. In general, I like angst, and hurt/comfort. I like turning characters dark (especially if there is a whole other dark faction run by Harry that is secretly also fighting in the war, in which case other Gryffs, DA members, or anyone from Draco's gang (including him) are welcome to join in on the ebilness. However, I know that not everyone likes dark!fic or dark!characters, and I do totally like other things. Humor and fluff can be fun, as can awkward first acknowledgements of attraction. Dragons are awesome, wheezes and pranks are awesome, and domestic, morning around the house kind of fic (and/or kid!fic) are awesome.

Sirius/Bella: I have a thing for villains (I blame Disney) and Bellatrix hits so many of my femme villain buttons it isn't even funny. I'm especially interested in her life before Azkaban. Like, life for her at Hogwarts, finding out about Voldie and being drawn to his side, growing up a Black, etc. We see so much of Hogwarts from the Gryf side of the Great Hall, but what about the Slyths? What happened when Sirius was sorted? How did that affect the Blacks and the Slyth house? (Or, AU that whole thing, if you want. I'm up for anything). How did Bellatrix compete against the Marauders? Did she try to bring Sirius with her to the dark side?

Alternatively, how was their time together in Azkaban? What happened after they both got out? Was it a reunion? Or was there a heat of battle first time thing? I can't really see Bellatrix as going light, though I can easily see Sirius as playing for any side. Was he always light? Always dark but pretending? Really dark/grey and just as surprised as the rest of the world when he was Sorted? Did he change positions? Did he think (as people often do with Snape) that he could keep his love despite following his ideals to the opposite side of battle? Or, some kind of AU where they rule the world in Voldie's place and all bow down to them and it is awesome! :P Just go wherever your muse takes you. If you believe it, I'll believe it. :D


RED (2010)
Request: Okay, so ideas…

Sarah/Frank: Sarah's POV of the craziness of the movie, and her feelings for Frank. Either one in the development over the phone time. CRAZY post-movie hijinks!

Ivan/Victoria: Anything from their past – either's pov of their last meeting. Future hijinks!

Frank/William: I love the "I used to be you" and the "I trained him" and the "cute hair" and just more of all that please!

More Details: Oh my gosh I love this movie so much. So, Frank and Sarah. I'd love to see some of their phone conversations, developing the relationship. What is the deal with the avocado?! Getting to know each other kind of thing. Also, her reaction to any of the events in the movie. I mean, she is literally swept up into one of her CIA spy romance novels. How's that gotta feel? Or afterwards, once they're together, and she's gotten into this whole life, how's that work? Does he teach her to shoot a gun and stuff? Do his own little spy training sessions? What do they do in Moldova? Give me the hijinks! :P

Ivan/Victoria: Their love is so tragic, and yet so cute. When he sweeps her off her feet in the white dress and combat boots? I died! I'd love more on their backstory – that last meeting when she shot him, his recovery… did either one keep tabs on the other for all those years? It seems like they're seeing each other for the first time in the movie, so thoughts in that moment would also be great. What about future hijinks? Now that their love isn't restricted… Moldova?

Frank/William: Okay, so these two. William is just such a mini-Frank in some ways, and the movie draws crazy parallels between them. I love the banter in their fight scene, and the "grandpa" bit. Love the way Frank describes him "6'1", cute hair." "Hair was cute." The moment when Frank calls, and he realizes where from…just paralleling them again. "What are you going to do?" And he gives him the key! Also, was William (though also annoyed) just a teeny bit impressed when Frank arranged to circle him with the cop cars at the beginning? Or when he blew up his whole team? Or when he actually did manage to kidnap the VP? I think he was.

Something post movie, perhaps with William seeking Frank out? Or another case has them crossing paths again and one thing leads to another? Maybe a few years pass and William, now wiser in the world, seeks Frank out to acknowledge their connection? Anything along those lines would be great!



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