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Thank you so much mystery author! I am so excited for all the women!

Things I love, in general: Aliens made us do it, amazing hair, angst, animal sidekicks/pets, antisocial geniuses, bi- or pansexuality, blood, boys in eyeliner, chaotic neutral or similar characters, chocolate, comedy, cooking, dark themes, death, dragons, dress uniforms/suiting up, double agents, dub-con, evil cliffhanger endings, femslash, fluff, geekboys, geekery, geekgirls, gen, glasses (and/or glasses!kink), goddesses/gods, goth or punk AUs, happy endings, het, hijinks, hurt/comfort, illness, insanity, kitties, meta, OT3s, ploty things, random little life/death snippets, shenanigans, shiny things, slash, snark, sneaking, sparkly things, spies, spunky chicks, squee, tomboys, tough-on-the-outside bishies, tricks and tricksters, unhappy endings, whump… and more, I'm sure.

Things I dislike, in general: character bashing, cheating on partners, non-con, pwp, scatology, watersports.

The above may or may not apply to any of my current requests, which I'll detail now.


On to my requests (in alphabetical order)!


Dragonriders of Pern – Anne McCaffery
Manora, Menolly

Request: Something focusing on Manora or Menolly, please! Manora at any age, competently running things, or running the weyr behind the scenes during any great moment in the books, or maybe dealing with the new stuff AIVIS produces, or finally retiring and what's that like? Anything!

For Menolly, anything! I'd love something set between Dragonsinger and Dragondrums; more of her coming into her own as a Harper. Or even something set later – obtaining her Mastery, becoming a mother, the excitement of AIVIS, life many years after AIVIS as the world deals with his changes, Harpers leading the way… anything!

More Details: I love the glimpses of Manora that we get throughout the series – her quiet dignity and strength while young, her firm competence when Lessa takes over, and her kindness towards Menolly are all great. More ideas include: Something from her POV on the changes taking place in her world (as Flon dies and the Pass draws near and Less takes over and such) and how they affect her. A day in her life in the Weyr. Dealing with weyrlings, or strays (like Menolly) or just anything else. Or, what is her life like once someone else takes her place?

So Menolly is one of my favorite characters, and I love everything about Harpers and the Harper Hall and music and everything (I don't know much about music's technical details, but I love that kind of thing, so don't feel like you have to be an expert, but feel free to include details (or wiki-details ;) if you want. I'll love them either way). Anything about her life after coming to the Hall, learning more about being a Harper, going out on assignment, dealing with (and overturning) the kinds of attitudes that her parents and Morshall had, writing music, getting her Mastery, discovering AIVIS, becoming a mom, becoming a grandma(?) , retiring, etc. All the Menolly things!


Greek Mythology

Request: Anything about Demeter, not involving Persephone or her resulting fight with Hades and Zeus

More Details: I feel like Demeter, a lot of the time, gets boiled down to her part in Persephone's story, and her resulting wrath against Zeus, Hades, and humans with winter. And I love variations on the Persephone story, and I'm guilty of this as well. But there is more to Demeter than that!

I mean, she's the third child of Cronus and Rhea, and she fought the Titans with the other five when Zeus overthrew their parents. That indicates some awesome warrior-ness right there. She's also the keeper of the divine laws, goddess of the life-death cycle (and was that before she created winter, or after?) and she's got other children, and she's got a whole women-only festival!

And what about her life as the Earth Godddess before Persephone was stolen/born? I mean, if she basically created late autumn/winter/early spring in her grief, what was the world like before that? Summer all the time? When were things harvested? Just whenever? How was her relationship with her other siblings before that? Not just Hades and Zeus (though that might be interesting) but also Poseidon, Hera, Hestia, and the others.

Just, give me more about her life aside from Persephone, please!


Blake Belladonna, Ruby Rose, Yang Xiao Long

Request: Ruby's crazy awesomeness! Blake's quiet competence! (And adorable kitty ears!) Yang's wicked, crazy competence! The snark! The weapons! The battles! Give me more! :D

More Details: I love our introduction to Ruby: "Are you robbing me?" and then that little "ooohhh" of understanding. Then kapow! She's got the chibi cute school girl with the giant bezerker weapon look going, which I love, and she's got all those insecurities and youth and mistakes, which makes her so much fun to play with (and to h/c). There's also her love of books, contrasted with her not paying attention in class – there's depth there to explore!

Blake is great as the strong, silent, competent type, but her backstory… woah! Anything about her past, or about her starting over with the team after the season finale's revelations. I also love how, though she's so standoffish at the beginning, but in the forest, she and Yang work really well together, and unlike Weiss, Blake simply works alongside the sisters in the battle without questioning their skill. What does she think about her life at this school?

Yang. I love her trailer the most, and her attitude is just awesome! She's wild, she's crazy, and she just flies through the air laughing and shooting fireballs out of her fists to go faster!!! She's bonkers, and I love her! And ooh, don't mess with her hair! So anything about her (/and Ruby) growing up. Anything with her in a battle. Anything about getting their team together at Beacon and dealing with the fallout of the season finale… anything!


Warm Bodies
Julie, Nora

Request: I'd love future fic, showing how Nora deals with the Zombie cure. We know Julie's got R, but what does Nora do. Does she become a nurse? Does she find a zombie boyfriend of her own? What? Or, Julie, dealing with the outbreak, and the initial attacks, and her father building the city, and her mother turning and dying. Like, what brings her to the place that she's at, at the beginning of the movie?

More Details: So yeah, what it says on the tin. I love Nora, and her relatively easy acceptance of R, and her interest in nursing (which we get a glimpse of in the ending montage) and I really want to know what happens to her.

Also, what about her reactions to the first indication of Zombie Apocalypse happening? How did she survive? Did she know the Grigios before? (The Peach Schnapps story certainly seems to indicate that she did) How did she get to where she is at the beginning of the movie?

But also, Julie's got this super crazy background that just begs for exploring! I mean, first of all, her dad is this anti-zombie savior guy who builds the survivor compound? And he shot her mom? And she's gotten to the point where she just doesn't seem to give a f*** anymore? Like, what happened to this girl!?!

So yeah, gimme. :D

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