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Yuletide!!! *flails* My holiday season is now officially underway! I am going to liberally copy and paste much from past letters. :D

Things I love, in general: Aliens made us do it, amazing hair, angst, animal sidekicks/pets, antisocial geniuses, bi- or pansexuality, blood, boys in eyeliner, chaotic neutral or similar characters, chocolate, comedy, cooking, dark themes, death, dragons, drag queens, dress uniforms/suiting up, double agents, dub-con, evil cliffhanger endings, femslash, fluff, geekboys, geekery, geekgirls, gen, glasses (and/or glasses!kink), goddesses/gods, goth or punk AUs, happy endings, het, hijinks, hurt/comfort, illness, insanity, kitties, meta, OT3s, ploty things, random little life/death snippets, shenanigans, shiny things, slash, snark, sneaking, sparkly things, spies, spunky chicks, squee, tomboys, tough-on-the-outside bishies, tricks and tricksters, unhappy endings, whump… and more, I'm sure.

Things I dislike, in general: character bashing, glorified gay bashing (where the basher doesn't get comeuppance later), cheating on partners, dental practice AUs, non-con, pwp, scatology, watersports.

Other things, in general: You may treat my character requests as "OR" requests, not "And" requests. That is, if I request A, B and C, and you have a great idea for just B, go for it!

Oh, and because I know some people are tetchy about it: if you would like to attempt a Misses Claus fill or a Chromatic fill with one of my prompts, that's cool. :D

Author, if you saw that I posted in the Crueltide post, but you just can't do darkfic, please don't worry. I would genuinely love any of my lighter prompts! :D

The above may or may not apply to any of my current requests, which I'll detail now.



Request Fandom 1: Protector of the Small - Tamora Pierce
Keladry of Mindelan

Request: I'd love a missing scene from Kel's page/squire years. Something with Neal and her group of friends, or a moment with Raoul or the men of the Own. Or perhaps something from her second year as a Knight. I'd love something set in New Hope, maybe with Neal, Owen, Tobe, Raoul, Dom, or anyone else you'd like to add. Could Kel one day take on a squire of her own? Or train young girls in some other fashion? Just give me something Kel-centric and I'll love it!

**If you get stuck and want to read these, Kel's first two books are very short. Squire and Lady Knight can be read on their own with minimal confusion – in fact, Squire is the first Tortall book I ever read, and I didn't even realize there were two quartets and two Kel books I'd totally missed until I finished and looked at the back jacket. :D **

More Details: I love Kel's strength through everything. Not physically, though she's got that too, but her unwavering dedication to her goal. I love her quiet sense of humor, and her amused tolerance of Neal's wild antics, and her compassion for others. I love how she takes on Tobe, and Jump, and the Sparrows, and Owen, and everyone else she "adopts" at one point.

I love her friendships with Neal and the other boys, and her motherly ways towards Lalasa, the younger pages, and Tobe. I love her mentor-student relationship with Raoul, and the hints of one with Alanna (what about that moment Aly dreamt of – does Kel finally get to hang out with Alanna for a while?). I love the hints of a relationship with Dom, and that would be a great thing to explore. Also the comradery with the men of the Own or the Haven convicts/soldiers/people.

As I said, I'd love a missing scene from her Page or Squire years. Maybe something with Neal, or Lalassa, or the Sparrows. Maybe a moment with Edna the Wildcat.

Or, something from her future as a Lady Knight. How long was she at New Hope? What happened there as the war drew on? Was she ever assigned elsewhere? Was she ever injured in battle? What happened afterwards? Did she and Dom ever hook up? How did her relationships with Tobe and the Haven/New Hope people evolve/stay the same? Gimmie gimmie!

If you ship, Kel/Dom or Kel/Lalasa please. No cross-generation ships, please.



Request Fandom 2: M*A*S*H
Benjamin Franklin 'Hawkeye' Pierce

Request: I love Hawkeye! I think there is so much depth to him, and he's really got levels to explore. He's also witty, hilarious, crazy, and adorable. I love the dynamic he has with Margaret through the series, and also his dynamics with Trapper and BJ. These can all lean towards shippy or platonic. I also love Hawkeye and Trapper/BJ/Klinger/Radar getting up to hijinks, and Radar being awesome. Potter, Henry, Mulcahy and Sidney are welcome to come along for the ride. And Frank or Charles too of course. A fic set during any season, with any supporting cast, but focused around Hawkeye would be fabulous!

**This one is a bit harder to get into for the first time, as it is an 11 season TV series, and the disks can be hard to find, but fortunately you can grasp the concept and the basics of the characters just from watching a few half-hour episodes. With the exception of the first handful of episodes of season 1, when they were still ironing out the characters, they are fairly consistent throughout, excepting the magical ability to spawn and then erase stateside siblings like there's no tomorrow. Also people who have been in the show since season 1 are discovering that their wives are magically pregnant 3 seasons later, but that's what happens when you stretch a 3 year period over 11 seasons, so I can forgive it. But basically, if you skim the Wikipedia and watch any, say 3 or 4 episodes - or aprox the length of a regular movie - you'll know pretty much all you need to, to write for this one.**

More Details: This is another one that I will continue to request, though I did get an awesome gift in it a few years back. But there will never be enough Hawkeye! ;) My favorite episodes of MASH are the ones that focus on Hawkeye, Radar, pranks, or throwing Margaret and Hawkeye together in tough circumstances. Oh, and poker nights, especially on the rare occasion that Sidney or Margaret join the game. I love the will they/won't they relationship between Margaret and Hawkeye, the paternal/minion relationship between Hawk and Radar, and the friends/brothers relationship between Hawk and Trapper/BJ/Sidney/Sometimes Charles.

I love Carry On Hawkeye, where he's faced with the Herculean task of taking care of the entire sick camp with just Radar and the nurses for help while he himself slowly succumbs to it. I also like Aid Station, Bug Out and all the other episodes where Hawkeye, Margaret, and Radar/Klinger are left behind/sent to the front/whatever. Pranking and bet-related episodes and Hawkeye and BJ/Trapper's war against Frank/Charles are also fun times.

If you're in the mood for some deep thinking, I love when the show goes all psychological on Hawkeye. For example: the episode where he goes crazy because of his suppressed memories, the one where he pretends to go crazy to get a trip to Tokyo, any of the ones where he loses a patient and freaks out, Sons and Bowlers with Hawkeye and Charles, and essentially the whole of the last few episodes.

Basically I love Hawkeye, and anything that focuses on him and/or his relationship with the others would be marvelous, but I would especially love an episodic type piece where hijinks ensue.

If you ship, Hawkeye/Margaret, Hawkeye/Trapper, or Hawkeye/BJ please.



Request Fandom 3:
Jack Carter

Request: Something set early in the series please, before they started messing with timelines and getting all crazy.

Jack! Jack driving Jo or Nathan crazy! Jack being driven crazy by SARAH/Zoe/Fargo/Nathan/anyone in this town! Jack and Zane WhiteCollar-esque banter! Vincent or Henry being friends with Jack. Will-they-won't-they with Jack and Alison or Nathan or both! Or Jack, gen, just chilling or doing paperwork or anything.

Basically give me something Jack-centric in this world and I will be a happy camper! :)

**Again, this is a TV show with a few seasons to it (though not as many as MASH) but Jack is the main character, so he's easy to find. And, as I said in the prompt, I'd love something from early in the show, so you'd only need to watch the first handful of episodes and not worry about any future spoilery backstory or anything, and I'd be thrilled with it I'm sure!**

More Details: Yes, I love Jack. I got a lovely drabble for him last year and I want more! :D I love how at sea he is in this strange geeky world, and how he deals with the constant inferiority complex of being a 'norm' in a town full of geniuses. I also love how so often his 'dumb-guy normal' ideas so often save the day. His desire to just do his job, go home and drink a beer to the game without all of these shenanigans is just never, NEVER, going to go right, and I love that frustration for him.

Also, the frequent whump/why am I invisible/Why am I the only one who can dismantle the bomb/etc plays right into my H/C kink, so feel free to go there too. :D

Anything in the tone of the show would be great, but if you wanted to get meta about his place in Eureka and his life as a norm and what have you, and really get into the deep thinking, I'd enjoy that too. But if that isn't your thing, lighthearted bantery/fluffy like the show is great too!

If you ship, Jack/Nathan, Jack/Allison, or Nathan/Jack/Allison please.



Request Fandom 4: Warm Bodies (2013)
Any (R, Julie Grigio, Nora, Marcus)

Request: Oh my god I love this movie! I would love literally anything set before or during or after the movie (well, that pretty much covers all my bases, doesn't it ;) ). How did the outbreak start? What was anyone's life like before the outbreak? What was anyone's life like after the outbreak but before the movie? How did they exhume the world? Was there a happily ever after? You totally don't have to include all four characters in one story. Just one or two is fine too.

**This movie is short and sweet and wonderful and very easy to get into. :D **

More Details: Er, pretty much what it says on the tin. I love love love this movie and just want more from this universe. I love the campy nature of it, and the hesitant voiceover from R, and the hints of a past from everyone. I love the ending, with the humans and corpses fighting together against the Boneys, and the slow rehabilitation of the not-quite-dead-yet. I also love the music, and the quirky humor, and basically just everything!

So, for prompts: who were these people before the outbreak? What happened when all of a sudden zombies! and WTF, and becoming either a survivor or a corpse. (Feel free to get a bit bloody with that, if you want. This is a zombie movie, after all).

Obviously several years have gone by since the outbreak, so what were any of these folk up to during that time? Or what about after the movie? How do they exhume the world? Who is involved? Whatever happened with Marcus and the umbrella girl? What did Nora do? Did she find her own former zombie boyfriend? What did Julie and R do? Did Mr. Grigio ever warm up (hee) to R?

Also, worldbuilding is great for this one. Focusing on someone (minor chara or OC) other than the main crew an how they dealt with this insanity would be lovely. Or strait up person-less worldbuilding, if that's your thing. :D

If you ship, R/Julie, Julie/Nora, R/M, or OCs are fine too please.



Request Fandom 5: Dragonriders of Pern – Anne McCaffrey
Menolly, Robinton, Sebell, Talmor

Request: Harper quartet! Thank you to whoever nominated this group! I'd love something set right after Menolly's second book, when she's in the hall and finding her place. Alternatively, something from before she came – what was life in the Harper Hall like for one or both of the boys? Or life before? Or anything from Robinton's life! You totally don't have to include all four characters in one story. Just one or two is fine too.

**Talmor only appears in Dragonsinger, which also features the other three, and is really the time period I'm interested in. So if you'd like to jump into this one, there's really only one book that you'd need to read/review. Reading Dragonsong first would give a bit more to Menolly's backstory, too. Alternatively, something from Robinton's life when he's a bit younger would mean reading Dragonharper, but again, easy to jump in without reading the rest of the series.**

More Details:
I love love love Dragonsinger, and that time period in the Harper Hall. I love Menolly's group with Sebell, Talmor, and Domick. I love the mentorship relationship with Menolly and Robinton, and also the kind of mentorship/sibling relationship between Menolly and Sebell and/or Talmor. I'd love anything set in that era!

Something from right before Menolly got to the Hall, focusing on one of the boys could also be great. How did Sebell or Talmor come to the Hall? What was their life like before? How did they feel about walking the tables? Ooh, or what was the conversation when Sebell and Talmor each refused to give way in walking Menolly?

Or anything in Robinton's life. I love love love him and his so so tragic backstory and dear god Anne what were you trying to do to me in that book!!! So yes, anything else with him! (and I know his book actually sort of covers Sebell coming to the Hall, but elaborating on that or handwaving it if you have a cooler idea;) )

I just don't even think I can express how much I love Harpers, and this period of Pern History, and the Harper Hall, and oh, Peimur and Silvina and anyone else are welcome to come to the party too!

If you ship, Menolly/Sebell, Menolly/Talmor, Menolly/Peimur, or Robinton/Silvina please. No cross-generation ships, please.



Request Fandom 6: To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar (1995)
Vida Boheme, Noxeema

Request: I'd love something from before the movie, exploring the friendship between these two, or either one of them first exploring their lovely drag queen selves. Alternatively, after the movie, now that they're older and wiser, how do they proceed? Is coming back home to their life in New York a shock after those few days in the country? Or is it business as usual? If your muse isn't feeling both ladies, feel free to only write about one or the other.

**Again, a single movie, so watch it! :D**

More Details: Okay, so my queer little heart absolutely loves this movie. Just, to-die-for loves it. I really would love any *any* thing you could write here. But yes, pretty much what I said on the tin. I'd love some back story for the ladies. It is clear at the start of the movie that they have some history, though clearly they aren't always on the same page with everything else. How did they meet? Or how did they become *the* Vida Boheme and Noxeema?

Or, what is the fallout from the movie? Their worlds were so completely turned on ear by that week of crazy, and there has to be some moment of reconciliation later. Or do they (or one of them) return to Snydersville one day?

No Chi-Chi please.

Also, thanks to the Crueltide post, I now kind of want to see Vida and Noxie in a zombie or outbreak apocalypse. I know they'd find a way to make it fabulous! :D

If you ship, Vida/Noxie please.



Additionally, browsing me on AO3 will lead you to my writings, including stuff in MASH, Pern, Eureka, Warm Bodies, and Tortall, if you think that would be helpful or fun. :D

I think that's everything! Thanks so much!!!


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