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As usual, I am going to liberally copy and paste much from past letters. :D

Things I love, in general: Aliens made us do it, amazing hair, angst, animal sidekicks/pets, antisocial geniuses, bi- or pansexuality, bittersweet endings, blood, boys in eyeliner, broccoli test passes, chaotic neutral or similar characters, chocolate, comedy, cooking, dark themes, death, dragons, drag queens, dress uniforms/suiting up, double agents, dub-con, established pairs bringing in a mutual third, evil cliffhanger endings, femslash, fluff, geekboys, geekery, geekgirls, gen, glasses (and/or glasses!kink), goddesses/gods, goth or punk AUs, happy endings, het, hijinks, hurt/comfort, illness, insanity, kitties, meta, OT3s, ploty things, random little life/death snippets, shenanigans, shiny things, slash, snark, sneaking, sparkly things, spies, spunky chicks, squee, tomboys, tough-on-the-outside bishies, tricks and tricksters, unhappy endings, whump… and more, I'm sure.

Things I dislike, in general: character bashing, glorified gay bashing (where the basher doesn't get comeuppance later), cheating on partners, dental practice AUs, non-con, pwp, graphic sex scenes, scatology, watersports.

Other things, in general: You may very much treat my character requests as "OR" requests, not "And" requests. That is, if I request A, B and C, and you have a great idea for just B, go for it! In fact, I often request more than one character, but give individual prompts for them. That's on purpose! Don't feel that you need to include all of them; especially in only 300 words!

I apologize to artists if my prompts are not art-focused enough. I honestly have no idea how to prompt you. So whatever inspires you about my prompts, I'm sure I'll love! :)

Spoiler Alert!!!

The above may or may not apply to any of my current requests, which I'll detail now.



Request Fandom 1: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Luna, Tonks, Sirius

Treats: something about how Luna sees the world. Something with young Tonks and Sirius (pre-Azk). Something about growing up a Metamorph
Tricks: Azkaban and the PTSD that surely follows! Luna as a dark lord!

More Details: I often turn "light" characters "dark" or "grey" and would love that for either of the girls. Either following Voldemort, Dark!Harry, or leading their own crusade! There is also much angst to be had in Luna's backstory of her mom dying and her mistreatment in Hogwarts, so feel free to go there for tricks. Tonks is in this odd place in cannon, not being of the parent (Siri) generation, but not of the kid (Harry) generation. Much like the elder Weasley brothers. Thus, she was around before that Halloween that the war ended. She knew Sirius as her cousin, at least, if not the whole Marauder gang. How did she feel about what happened? Does the Boy-Who-Lived mean something different to someone who was a kid when it happened? This scenario is rife with treat or trick potential. No epilogue characters, please.

Potential Ships:
Sirius/Remus, Sirius/James, Sirius/Bellatrix
Luna/Ginny, Luna/Hermione, Luna/Harry, Luna/Hermione/Harry, Luna/Neville
Tonks/Remus, Tonks/Charlie, Tonks/Bill, Tonks/Harry

I ship tons of different combinations in HP as well, so any background ship (really, any. dark Luna serving under Voldemort/Harry, for example) would be fine.

Request Fandom 2: Tortall - Tamora PierceKeladry, Aly Cooper, Dove, Owen

Treats: Kel after the books. Kel and Owen missing scene of cuteness. Owen becoming a knight. Owen and Kel reunite after the war. Aly day in the life. Dove day in the life. Some new trick or game for either.

More Details: So for this fandom I'd mostly love treats, please. Kel's relationships with the boys, like Owen and Neal, during their page years are wonderful. Missing scenes their of either Kel or Owen would be great. Maybe how Owen copes once the older gang become Squires. How does it feel to be the old one in the group? Kel with any of her animals (or a new one) would be great.

Aly is my favorite character in this world, and she is criminally underexplored. Anything with her, either before the books (convincing George to teach her) or a missing scene during/between them would be great. I'd also love something with either girl after the series, when they're suddenly teens in charge of a country! Tricks are fun, as are games and things to break up the stolidness of court life. Maybe that hair potion finally makes its way to the Isles and the girls turn their hair blue! Also, don't feel that if you go for the Isles you have to include both Aly and Dove. Just one would be peachy!

Potential Ships:
Kel/Neal, Kel/Dom, Kel/Owen, Kel/Lalasa
Aly/Dove, Aly/Nawat

Canon ships in the background are fine


Request Fandom 3: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013) Hansel, Gretel

I am in this fandom for two things: 1) the steampunk-esque mixing of witchcraft, machinery, and indeterminate period-ness and 2) the mutual-caring-for-each-other-maybe-too-much relationship between Hansel and Gretel. Please give me more of those things! :)

More Details: Yes, I love the worldbuilding of this movie. It has a similar vibe to movies like Van Helsing, with that old-timey feel, and then they pull out a steampunk "machine gun" or whatever. Anything exploring the world would be great. That said, I also ship the dirtybadwrong sibcest here. I love how co-dependent they are, and how they just know each other so well. One knows what the other needs, without explanations being necessary. If you want to write them as non-shippy co-dependent siblings, I'd love that too! A missing scene, trick, or treat, of them taking care of each other, needing to be saved, saving each other, doing the job and getting paid, etc, would be great. Snark is welcome! :)

Potential Ships:


Request Fandom 4: Steven Universe (Cartoon) 
Bismuth, Garnet, White Diamond

Treats: Bismuth is so cool, but we see so little of her! She and Garnet interacting back in the old days would be awesome. Also, navigating this new world together. And maybe fusion?
Tricks: Bismuth has to have some mental scars from what Rose and then Steven did. Not that she seemed totally fine beforehand either. Anything delving into her mind would be great. Anything of White Diamond being her crazy domineering, abusive self towards anyone, and the unhealthy relationship (because I don't see how any relationship with her can be healthy) they have.

More Details: So I have feelings about Bismuth, especially. If you don't want to get all meta about her, then skip to the next paragraph. :) So Bismuth isn't actually a gem, but an element and more of a metal. She's different than the other gems in that respect. Plus, her gem is rainbow. To me, more than Sapphire and Ruby, she is also a representation of LGBT in universe. Or, rather, she is to the universe what regular LGBT folk are to our universe. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, so I have strong feelings about her being an overeager puppy ready to help, and Rose bubbling her, and then her reactions to Steven. She seems at first to be ready to start such a friendship with him, telling him he doesn't have to be Rose, etc, and then the turn, when she feels betrayed again, is brutal. It is a clear example of 'once bitten, twice shy.' She, like Lapis, is far more damaged than the others, mentally. I would love something exploring any of those themes or emotions or potential scenes.

Other things about Bismuth: she fought with Garnet in the past, and it sounds like they were awesome buddies! Show me that! Or, what if the diamond ships were delayed by a day or so. How would the reunion continue? What does she do/think about while the others are gone? Does she forge them a new house? Or her exploring fusion with anyone. Maybe a tentative conversation about it with Garnet in the past? Kind of like a less mean version of the Peridot fusion scene?

Garnet is just so caring about Steven, and so comfortable with herself (most of the time). I have a huge competence!kink for her. Pick a thing and have her do it well. Even just grocery shopping. I mean, someone has to do it. Her helping one of the others understand fusion, like her work with Peridot and Stevonnie, or her counseling Lapis after Malachite or something would also be great.

White Diamond. *shivers* There's this whole theory about how White Diamond was abusive (emotionally/mentally, but possibly also physically) to probably Pink and White's Pearl (or Pink's Pearl) and who knows who else. She certainly comes across that way in her scenes, and of course, there's the way that Yellow and Blue instantly step back when her Pearl speaks. There's some backstory there. I straight up want a trick here. Anything of White abusing anyone. Pink, a Pearl, Blue, Yellow, a random gem... Or set in the present, and have it be one of the gang. Go for it!

Potential Ships: Any


Request Fandom 5: Cracked: After HoursMichael, Daniel, Soren, Katie

Treats: between the scenes at the diner. Any one or two waiting for the others. What is with Soren suddenly being a rich king/prince/what?
Tricks: Any kind of psychological mind game revolving around the diner. Are they trapped there like lab mice? Is the diner an experiment? Or, what happens now that they seem to have disappeared into the void (since the change in Cracked ownership)? Is Dan still sitting in the diner waiting for the others? Or, zombies.

More Details: Original four for life! I am so sad that Cracked video has basically died, and I miss my After Hours so much. I am going to just copy-paste giant chunks of my gushing from a previous fest letter:

I love the character interactions, I love the geeky references, and I love the hints of subtext/backstory! Poor Dan's issues and obsession with Spiderman! Soren's obsession with perfection (and maybe Daniel ;) )! Michael's inappropriateness and obsession with food! Katie's feminism and gothy tendancies! I love the fact that these are just four best friends/frenemies/people whiling away their time until they inevitably drift apart (as Soren likes to think) who just gather around to talk meta. I love that there are rules (sometimes) but that the person demanding to adhere to them changes (Usually Daniel, but Katie in that epilogue episode that Soren derails. JUMANJI!).
Michael's occasional insightfulness (calling that racism in Forest Gump thing without even seeing it!) is also fun, as is his usual oblivious dofusness (I already took the red pill. Put ranch on it!). Dan's issues are hilarious to watch, especially in the episodes where they specifically tear into him. (The wooing episode, the cops episode, the zombie episode: "You all've been zombies for weeks. Months for some of you." "Sure.") I love Soren's jock tendancies, and how he every so often lets them slip aside and lets his inner geek come out. (Though, as he states in the comicon episode, he isn't "out" as a geek, like them). :D Katie's alternating between sweet and girly (Katie's House of Pies and Little Cat Pies) and bloodthirsty and vicious ("There's brain and blood spatter, and everything! It's the best!") is probably my favorite!

Potential Ships: Dan/Soren (those looks! so close to being canon!), Soren/Katie (all the subtext in the Batman episode!), Dan/Michael (the Mario episode!), Dan/Soren/Katie/Michael (Because why not?)


Request Fandom 6: MASHAny

Treats: Mash is great at giving us those happy, cheerful, loving, or snarky moments between the horror. Give me anyone having one of those.
Tricks: Mash is great at giving us those deep, horror-filled, mind games, or deadly moments between the humor. Give me anyone having one of those.
If that's too broad, you can never go wrong with OR hijinks or prank war shenanigans.

More Details: Hawkeye is my favorite, probably followed by Radar and Klinger. After that there are just too many to choose from! I really do mean any here! MASH was great, among other things, for giving each character a moment to shine, or a moment to learn something, or a moment to just have the camera focused on them. Feel free to pick your favorite (even if not nominated, like Kelley or whoever, or a generic patient) and follow them.

As I alluded in my official request, MASH is full of both tricks and treats, and I like both sides. If you want to focus on the horror of war (how about that finale for hearbreak! or when the kid is dead and only Klinger can see him...) go for it. The psychological and the physical are both canon. If you want to go for a happy little moment between the scenes, when someone manages to bring some good to the war, that would also be great. A letter home coving a little of both would also be so canon and a great read!

Potential Ships:
Hawkeye/BJ, Hawkeye/Trapper, Hawkeye/Margaret, Frank/Margaret, Margaret/Kelley, Kelley/Hawkeye

Background canon ships/marriages are fine.


Request Fandom 7: FireflyAny

Treats: found family fluff. Kaylee or Wash interacting with the ship. Any group playing games around the kitchen table. Bonnets, Fine hats, and other headgear.
Tricks: Reavers and River and mental trauma! Wounds and the hospital bay and how things never go smooth. The blackness of space and the fires of Safe and the war and the lab and the hands of blue. Any of that!

More Details: Again, I really do mean any. Focus on any member/pair/part of this family and I'll be happy. Like MASH, this canon already has both the treats and the tricks aplenty. I love the darker tones that it takes when it comes to Reavers, and River, and the war, etc. Most of what I listed above. I mean, the good guys literally leave Early floating out in space to die. Not fluffy! And the war stories! And Niska. Just everything Niska.

But on the other hand, there are so many fluffy moments. The space basketball game, and the space card game, or Jayne and Preacher working out together... there are so many cute family moments. Another one of these would be great. Maybe River plays dinosaurs with Wash. Maybe Simon gets convinced to work out and doesn't stretch and is a doofus. Maybe Mal and Zoe are cleaning their guns on the table again and snark abounds. Give me that slice of life and I'll love it!

Potential Ships:
Wash/Zoe, Mal/Zoe/Wash, Mal/Inara, Inara/Kaylee, Simon/Kaylee, Simon/River, River/Serenity


Request Fandom 8: The Good PlaceJanet, Vicky, Michael, Shawn, Bad Janet

Treats: Some of the "good place" gang are such goofs. What did Vicky get up to in the "bad place" while waiting for her big moment to debut as the Real Eleanor? Chilling with Trevor and Bad Janet? Did she ever break character? Shawn goes inside his cocoon happy place; what does he do in there? Is that an actual problem he has, or is it just to screw with the gang? Bad Janet, day in the life. Good Janet, completely confused by the "good place" denizens other than the fab four. Why do they keep requesting spiders? etc
Tricks: Everyone I nommed, other than Good Janet, is a baddy. What do they get up to when the fab four aren't around? Could be campy, could be horror, could be whatever.

More Details: All of the stories are on the human fab four. I just want stories about the "good place" baddies! Sure, Trevor and his gang are "bad" when they come to swap Eleanors, but more like the moment when Michael is leading the couple in to share Eleanor's house and they think of swinging with them. There just have to be all of these cute behind the scene moments when they break character, or they're just hanging out waiting to act, or whatever. Plus, they have the use of a good Janet. What nonsense do they request from her?

And what do bad Janet and the rest of the official "bad" gang get up to while waiting? This has to be the easiest gig ever, just appearing once a month or so instead of having to actually torture all day. Are they just sitting around playing Final Fantasy or something all day? Or are they secretly shape-shifting and are actually part of the "good place" neighborhood? What is even the point of a Bad Janet?

Shawn. He isn't part of Michael's neighborhood, but he's still willing to play a part there. How much of that character is contrived, versus his usual self? What is he doing while the gang are running Michael's experiment? What does he think about it?

Oh Michael. I love his dorky, feeling things, persona in the "Good Place." I also love that adorkable evil laugh when Eleanor figures him out. And of course his existential crisis when trying to learn ethics. We do get some of his inner thoughts, but any other between the scene moments with him would be great.

Potential Ships:
Any. Really, go wild. Vicky/food-that-turns-to-spiders type of wild. In this canon I'm down for it.


Additionally, browsing me on AO3 will lead you to my writings, if you think that would be helpful or fun. :D

I think that's everything! Thanks so much!!!
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