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Hello wonderful writer!

I am so happy that we share some of the same rare pairs (and in some cases, rare fandoms)!

Alphabetically, cause why not?

1) Harry Potter
Harry/Charlie or Harry/Fred/George

I love Harry and the older Weasleys, and Charlie and the twins are my favorite! With Charlie, suggestions are sending Harry to the preserve (maybe the first real meeting longer than the few short snips we see in canon), Dark!Harry inspecting his dragon warriors, or fluffy domestic fic. With the twins, suggestions are Harry helping think of and/or create Wheezes, the twins deciding to send Harry the toilet seat, or reminiscing about it/explaining it to other later, similar hijinks, how the twins first pounced on Harry (cause, you know they would), Dark!them using pranks for evil, nefarious, and or sexy times purposes, or anything else.

What it says on the tin. In general, I like angst, and hurt/comfort. I like turning characters dark (especially if there is a whole other dark faction run by Harry that is secretly also fighting in the war, in which case other Gryffs, DA members, or anyone from Draco's gang (including him) are welcome to join in on the ebilness. However, I know that not everyone likes dark!fic or dark!characters, and I totally like other things. Humor and fluff can be fun, as can awkward first acknowledgements of attraction. Dragons are awesome, wheezes and pranks are awesome, the twins' exit from Hogwarts was awesome and made me cry in a good way, and domestic, morning around the house kind of fic (and/or kid!fic) are awesome.

2) M*A*S*H
Hawkeye/Trapper or Sydney/Hawkeye

The dynamic between Hawkeye and Trapper as friends is so interesting, and I'd love a relationship fic that played on that. Pranking Margaret or Frank/Charles is always welcome, and poker nights are also fun. Also dealing with being far from home and/or losing patients, if you're interested in something a little more angsty. Or reunion fic, after the war. Sydney has such a special place at MASH, and a very interesting relationship with Hawkeye in particular. I'd love to see that expanded upon. Maybe after poker one night? Or Sydney ends up back at MASH after another bunker follow-up with more than just a bump on the head?

Oh, MASH. I grew up on this show, and I fully blame Alan Alda for my twisted sense of humor. :D That said, I love how this show can have such light-hearted moments, and such heavy, angsty moments, and how they juxtapose them together so wonderfully. I would love something episodic from around the camp: a day in the life of OR or bugging out or being bored or whatever for either couple. Also, saying goodbye is hard, and sometimes saying hello again back in the states is even harder.

Abby/Cate, Abby/Tony

Abby!!! I love the dynamic between each of these couples! Love the snark, and the cute, and the looking out for each other. Casefic would be lovely, as would fluffy domestic times at home on a day off. Or hurt/comfort from any of the many times they get hurt (or a new time!) Or, explore Cate's death. Does Tony help Abby deal? Or for the girls, how about the way Cate keeps appearing to Abby after she's dead? Or Abby dealing with Tony's supposed death when his car is exploded. Lay the angst on me!

What it says on the tin. I love Abby, and I love her with each of these two (or with both, if you're so inclined - either consecutively, concurrently, or threesomely) ;) I don't think I really have anything else to add. :D

4) Numbers
Colby/David or Charlie/Larry

For Colby/David, casefic would be lovely, as would a day off at home. Anything dealing with Colby's betrayal and the effect on their relationship. Or smoothing things back out again afterwards. Or any hurt/comfort from a case. For Charlie/Larry, I love their dynamic at the school, and I also would love casefic with the team. I love it when they do crazy experiments in the house that drive Alan crazy. Anything dealing with Larry's choice to go into space and his following absence would also be great. (No intimate relationship when Charlie was his student, please.)

I will admit that Colby/David is my OTP for this fandom, but I am starting to explore Charlie/Larry and I love it! Hit me with anything for either of these pairings and I'll love it!

5) Tortall
Ali/Nawat or Numair/Daine

Something set right after Daine's first book would be lovely. When she is still young and still coming in to her powers and learning, and is all tight with the riders, and isn't fully sure of her place with Numair. I love that time period! If not, what about an adventure a bit later, or something domesticy after one or both of the kids are born? For Aly/Nawat, I'd love anything. Something set during the books, with spying and intrigue and toppling of governments and a crow learning what it means to be a man. Or something set during the time immediately after Dove is crowned, when they're still getting the government sorted out, and everyone is adjusting to their new positions. And somehow he convinces Aly to have his chick, as we learn at the Christmas dinner, so what about that conversation? Was he nervous to meet her family? Did they meet his? Give me anything with this couple!

Yes, so, I don't think I have anything to add here. I love both of these couples, and would love to see something in this world!
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This is a pimping post. Here be all the writing fests and exchanges I am currently involved in.

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More to come at some point :D


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